About Us

About us?

We are a clinic specialized in the treatment of an emotional illness, which manifests itself as addiction to drugs, alcohol, gambling, people, relationships and/or eating disorders. We are a group of professionals; doctors, nurses, counselors, psychologists, and psychiatrists; accredited in the field of addictions. Those of us who consider that multidisciplinary treatment is the ideal method for the true recovery of patients with addiction problems. Likewise, we are a team committed to the family, to whom we also provide our ethical and professional service at an affordable cost, since we understand the desperation that the entire family goes through when there is an addiction.


Offer multidisciplinary, ethical, and professional treatment that promotes the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health of both the patient and their families.


To be a highly recognized institution in Baja California and Mexico for its evident results, for its quality, trust and professional treatment in all types of addictions.


At Cerem Rehab Center we believe that the professional multidisciplinary approach is the best method to deal with emotional illnesses such as addiction to alcohol or other substances, since addiction is a Bio-psycho-social disease that must be treated with the greatest respect and dignity and possible confidentiality.

At Cerem Rehab Center we believe that a treatment based on the values ​​of trust, respect, confidentiality, quality, dignity, responsibility and honesty is the best method to help our patients and their families.